The Joint Replacement Clinic

Revision Knee, Hip & Shoulder Replacement

Joint replacement is one of the most successful procedures in all of medicine. However, on occasion, a joint may fail and a revision is required.

A failing replacement implant normally reveals itself as pain, swelling or stiffness around the joint. Decades ago, this was normally attributed to the artificial joint’s materials breaking down – but advances in material science, plastic compounds and metal alloys have made a huge difference.


There are many different revision surgery procedures. A great deal depends on which joint is causing trouble. Most joint replacements involve two or three components, and when a revision is required, in most cases, only one implant or component of the prosthesis needs attention.

There are also many different reasons for the replacement joint failing. The most common of these is a procedure that’s been carried out when the patient was young, and they’ve simply grown out of the implant. However, is a brief description of other reasons for needing a joint revision procedure.

Download our guide on Revision Surgery below.

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