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Our Care Services

We offer a holistic pathway of care before, during and after surgery – at no extra cost to you.

The Joint Replacement Clinic (JRC) excels in providing all patients with private health insurance a patient-centric, comprehensive and holistic joint replacement service with No-Out Of-Pocket Expense for surgery, anaesthesia, hospital stay, physiotherapy, transport to and from hospital and home care for the first week following discharge.

The Joint Replacement Clinic
How Accelerated Care Pathway works

Accelerated Care Pathway

A holistic approach to accessible, high quality care

The JRC Care Pathway includes everything from the patient’s initial consultations through to post-surgery recovery (in the comfort of the patient’s home), with zero out-of-pocket expense for:

  • Surgeon
  • Anaesthetist
  • Physiotherapy (6 treatments)
  • Physician
  • Hospital stay
  • Transport to and from hospital
  • Home care following hospital discharge
  • Mobility aids following hospital discharge, as required (for 7 days)
  • Follow-up
    • 2 weeks post op wound review with JRC Nurse
    • 6 weeks post op review with surgeon
Step 1


You’ll need a referral from your GP addressed to Prof Jegan Krishnan or Dr Sunil Reddy.

Step 2

Initial consultations

Your initial consultations begin with JRC’s Patient Support Coordinator, Surgeon, Anaesthetist, Physiotherapist and nurse.

Step 3

10-day pathway

Your 10 day pathway includes transport to hospital and post-surgery support including physiotherapy and mobility aids.


Day of surgery

  • Transport to hospital

DAYS 2 - 3

Hospital stay and care

  • Hospital physiotherapy program
  • Hospital post-operative care and management

DAYS 4 - 10

Hospital discharge and home recovery

  • Home support (as required)
  • Assistance with personal care (as required)


Physio treatments

  • 5 post surgery physiotherapy treatments

The Joint Replacement Clinic

Home Support Services (HSS)

Rehabilitation at home is a critical part of our Care Pathway – and is provided by highly experienced post-op professionals. Your in home support actually begins prior to surgery. You’ll be met by your physiotherapist at your home who will establish a pre and post-surgery a personalised exercise routine.

Your physiotherapist will also be able to assess what mobility aids you’ll require, which will also be provided – along with training on how to use them. What’s more, throughout your home recovery, you will have 24-hour phone access to a nurse as part of your care program.

Transport (To and From Hospital)

We will provide for whatever your transport needs are. You may prefer to be dropped off by a family member or friend but assistance is there if you need it.

Depending on your procedure, you’ll leave hospital between 2–4 days after surgery. On discharge, we will arrange for a qualified care escort for you at the hospital and they will assist you to the vehicle. Your escort will be an expert in ensuring you are comfortable entering and exiting the vehicle. You are also most welcome to have someone you know accompany you for the journey home. Your care escort will not leave until you are completely confident and fully settled back into your home.

The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic

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The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic

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The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic
The Joint Replacement Clinic
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